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Frequently asked questions


  1. How is it possible to acquire these large awards?
    Golden Ray is a benevolent organization understanding the struggles under the old paradigm. After 12 years of research and financial acquisitions, funds are available to help humanity restore their lives and our planet.  back to top

  2. How long does the process take?
    The process typically takes 15-30 days to complete each award. Once complete, your funds are electronically deposited to an account in your business LLC name.   back to top

  3. What is an LLC?
    A Limited Liability Company is an entity offering protections to the manager (you). Since you do not "own" the company, you only manage it, and thus are not liable personally for the debts of the LLC unless you have personally committed fraud.   back to top

  4. Can you assist me in establishing an LLC?
    Certainly. As part of the process, multiple LLCs can be created for you to manage your funds.  back to top

  5. Why will I need multiple LLCs?
    You may wish to acquire a new home, car or business. Each of these assets have potential liability and it may be wise to separate them into individual LLC entities.   back to top

  6. Why not just put the funds and assets in my name?
    If you are ever sued, you could then loose all your assets. By owning nothing and controlling everything through LLCs, you are isolating your potential loss to one asset only. You then are not a personal target as you own nothing.  back to top

  7. What do I need to do to submit my mortgage, credit card, auto loan and student loan claims?
    All loans new, old, paid, unpaid or defaulted that you paid or owe $1000 or more qualifies. Submit each loan claim separately. A first mortgage loan and a second or third on the same property are separate processes, each with it's own award.  back to top

  8. What do I need to do to submit my IRS or CRA claims?
    Have you paid or owe $1000 or more in your lifetime? Then you qualify. One lifetime claim is allowed per member for IRS or CRA.  back to top

  9. Does this mean if I submit my claim now, I will be paid sooner?
    Yes. Those who submit their paid processes early will be awarded earlier.  back to top

  10. Can I submit as many claims as I have ever had loans?
    Yes. All insured loans (Fed bank loans - FDIC or equivalent)since 1933 qualify. Also Savings and Loan and Credit Union loans as well. There is a quantity limit or 5 for loans and 1 for IRS or CRA.   back to top

  11. What if a home was forclosed or a car repossessed?
    It does not matter. The claim is based on what you have paid or owe to your "creditor" up to the point of sale, foreclosure or repossession.   back to top

  12. I've had a bankruptcy. Can you handle this?
    Yes. Each bank, IRS or CRA creditor in the bankruptcy has been paid certain amounts before the bankruptcy. Each debt can be submitted as a separate claim as long as the total of each claim paid or owed is $1000 or greater.  back to top


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