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University Connector
Common Sense understanding of American History

Banking Cabal
All Wars are Banker Wars
43 minutes

The Wizard of Oz
Understand the real meaning of the classic movie.
20 minutes

Fiat Money Explained 
Fiat money explained.
4 minutes

Freedom To Fascism 
Aaron Russo full documentary
2 hour 26 minutes

Victoria Grant on Money 

12 year old's perspective. 6 minutes

Canadian Banking Exposed 
Canada does not need private banks to issue it's currency. 26 minutes

A deeper understanding of how your life has been controlled.
2 hours

Banking Intro 
Short intro to banking and the Federal Reserve. 
5 minutes. 

The Debt Crisis is a Fraud
11 minutes

Money Junkies
All wars are banker wars. 
43 minutes. 

Currency Vs Money 
Currency is not money. 
25 minutes

Thrive the Movie
132 minutes

History of Deception 
Change your life by understanding the deception of the financial system.
20 minutes.


The Creature from Jekyll Island 
Ed Griffin explains how banks have deceived us.  
70 minutes. 

The Secret of Oz 
Bill Still narrates the financial history of America.
152 minutes.

Dawn of the Golden Age  Pt1   Pt2   Pt3 
The real history of the united States from the colonies through NESARA.  Can you read between the lines as to the real role Obama is playing?
 3 hours total.

Modern Money Mechanics
How money is created under the Federal Reserve System.  
10 minutes.

The Collectivist Conspiracy 
Ed Griffin explains collectivism in America.
85 minutes.

The Truth Behind The Income Tax 

How we lost our Republic. 
116 minutes






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